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About Us


What we do exactly

People are let down by their cars every day: often under harsh conditions and of course always at the worst time. Roadside assistance services are also neccessary because of the frequent accidents on the roads. However, it does matter how we pull through these unpleasant situations.

If you want to solve your problems as fast, simple and cost-efficient as possible, then you came to the right place!

We have created a stunningly simple and easy to use system, which connects the driver in trouble with the closest break-down service with only 3 clicks. Instead of useless searching, we offer you the most optimal solution!

How it works

Only 3 clicks and your assistance is on the way!

  • 1. FIRST click: the client gives their position. Our system shows it on the map then gives a list of active roadside assistance services in distance order.
  • 2. SECOND click: the client chooses the most optimal service. The number of our partner services is growing constantly, so our clients get more and more offers each day.
  • 3. THIRD click: the client chooses a contact method and contacts with the chosen service.

Why we are better than other companies

We offer our clients a fast, free and amazingly simple way to contact with the closest break-down recovery service through our system.

Pre-planned transport

You can ask for help not only in case of break-down, but pre-planned transport of machineries or cars as well.


Why it is worth to join us as a break-down service provider

  • low monthly fees
  • ensured connection with clients in trouble
  • guaranteed free appearance through our marketing communication campaigns
  • complete, well working service package
  • well applicable system worldwide

How the system works from provider perspective

What we offer

When a client is looking for help in the system we show them the premises of our partners on the map and list them in distance order.

Further services

A joining company gets an opportunity to present its premise and download our application for free (from Apple Store or Google Play), which allows us to show its current position wherever it is in the world.

Even a vacant break-down lorry far from its premise has a chance to get extra income easily with the use of the application, because its position is constantly monitored by our system and in the case of an incoming call it may be the closest one to the location of the situation! This way it has a great chance to get to the top of the list and get connected to the client.
The application allows up to 10 drivers to join the system via smartphones or other smart devices.


Tow truck position can be seen at once
Stunningly quick and simple system
Low monthly fees
Free Advice


Quick help anywhere, anytime
24/7 hours towing truck service
There are no unnecessary costs
Simple, quick communication with the nearest breakdown assistance